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3 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog


Is your dog getting tired of playing with the same toy for the last few months? Try adding a few fun games to your dog’s playtime to shake things up for both you and your pup!

Playing games with your dog is a great bonding activity and can be very beneficial for your pet’s happiness and health. They enjoy being outside and having fun with you. Having a few different games to play with your dog will help you keep things fresh and keep playtime exciting and fun. 

Here are a few different ideas to try playing with your dog the next time you two are outside:


  • Go on a Hike: Take some treats and water and head on down to a hike that you and your dog can enjoy. Hikes offer a variety of new smells and sights for your pup and can be great exercise for both you and your dog. Hikes also offer a different environment for your dog to explore. Since dogs love exploring their environment, your dog will absolutely love walking through nature. 



  • Find It: Show your dog their favorite treat and let your little dog use their powerful nose to find the hidden treat. When you’re first starting out, keep your dog in another room and hide the treat in an area where it’s easy for your dog to find the treat. Then go back to your dog and say “Find It!” and allow your dog to find the treat. As they get better and better at the game, you can progressively increase the difficulty of finding the treats. This is also a great indoor activity if you’re unable to go outside. 



  • Hide and Seek: Hide and seek trains your dog to stay calm in stressful situations (when you’re not around) and allows them to use their senses to find you. Start at home by simply going to another room and praising your dog with a treat when they find you. You can increasingly hide in more difficult spots as your dog starts to learn the environment better and learns to use their senses better. 

For More Fun, Visit Pet Me Scratch Me

If you’re looking for a place where your dog can have even more fun, look no further than Pet Me Scratch Me in Onalaska. Enrolling your precious pup in dog daycare means they’ll get plenty of exercise playing with their friends and will be tired and ready to snuggle when you pick them up. Daycare exposes your pet to lots of people and pets, so they’ll be properly socialized and get along great with others.

If you have any questions about enrolling in dog daycare in Onalaska, please feel free to reach out to us here at Pet Me Scratch Me.

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