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5 Doggie Cleaning & Housekeeping Life Hacks

Dogs are amazing animals that provide us with unmatchable love and loyalty. However, even as a proud dog owner, it must be admitted - our pups can be a bit of a mess. We all know the drill, whether it’s shedding hair over the carpet, or coming home to find the living room in ruins, it’s no secret that our pups can be agents of chaos in the home. Most owners face pet untidiness through simple trial & error, but this need not be the case. 


Keep your home clean by reading these five simple life hacks for pet parents with messy furbabies:


  • Baking Soda to Clean Urine: If your pup ever pees on a carpet or sofa, try using baking soda to clean it all up. Lay the power on the mess, and wait for around 20 minutes. After which vacuum or sweep it up. 



  • Rubber Gloves to Pick up Hair: If your dog sheds all over your furniture, try using a rubber glove to snatch it up! Simply rub your hand along the hair-covered furniture and watch as your pup’s hair is swept away!



  • Make a Tugging Toy With Old Clothes: If your pup loves to play tug of war with you, look no further than your old wardrobe of T-shirts. You can easily tie those old rags into a durable and fun tug toy rather than purchasing one!


Selecting a Groomer For Your Pup 

If your dog is in need of good pampering, look no further than Pet Me Scratch Me. Our skilled and compassionate pet stylists will offer your pup a large selection of services for any breed. We want to become your regular grooming service! For more information, visit our website or call us to schedule your dog’s appointment today.

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