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Finding a Doggy Boarding Facility in Onalaska


It can be tough to see your doggy’s sad little face as they watch you leave the house. Whether you’re out for only a couple of hours, out for the entire day, or out for the entire week, our precious pups dearly miss us and are anxiously waiting for our return.

If you’ve experienced this situation before with your pup, then try taking them to a dog boarding facility in the Onalaska area! Dog boarding is a great option for you and your pup during occasions when your pup has to be by themselves. 

A high-quality dog boarding facility will have professionals who understand how to take care of dogs, know how to de-escalate any aggressive situations involving other dogs, and know how to treat your precious pup. Your pup will have a variety of friends to play with, their own little space for taking a nap, a bunch of toys, places to run and enjoy themselves, and much more.

If you’re in the Onalaska area, check out Pet Me Scratch Me for your dog boarding needs. We can take care of your dog and provide them an unforgettable and fun experience so that you don’t have to worry about your dog while you’re out doing what you need to do. Contact us today for any questions!

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