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Get Your Pup’s Nails Trimmed in Holmen

Getting your pup regularly groomed helps keep them happy, healthy, and clean. Grooming helps maintain a healthy coat and skin, and can even be a good way to detect any skin irregularities, bumps, fleas, or ticks. However, an overlooked aspect of grooming is making sure your dog’s nails are trimmed. 

Long and unkempt nails can lead to pain and even change their posture, which can impact other parts of their body. Some other reasons why it’s important to get your pup’s nails trimmed include: 

  • Long nails can break or chip. Sometimes they may even break and lead to cuts in and around the paw which can cause additional pain.
  • Long nails can push into the pup’s paws and cause a shift in their posture.
  • Change in posture can lead to joint pain and even arthritis if it’s not treated soon. 
  • Nails can grow into the paw pad and your pup will be in pain when they walk or run.

In general, you want to get your dog’s nails trimmed every 2-3 weeks. Other factors may influence this, such as their lifestyle. For example, dogs that mainly walk or run on soft grass or dirt may need more frequent trimming.


Give Your Pet A Professional Groom In Holmen

During your dog’s stay, our skilled and compassionate staff at Pet Me Scratch Me will look after your pup’s every need no matter how specific. We believe all dogs deserve healthy socialization and play and are here to offer that love to all our canine guests. 

Never worry about your companion suffering from separation or other emotional maladies again once they enroll in our doggy daycare program. Call or visit our site for more information on our services and requirements.


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