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Keep Our Onalaska Pets Safe During the Holidays

Wondering about how you can keep your pet safe this holiday season? In this article, you’ll learn about how we can keep our Onalaska pets safe during the holidays. From this information, you can guarantee yourself fun and worry-free festivities this year.


Watch Out For Dangerous Decor 

Before you set up decorations this holiday season, you need to understand that some decorations are actually hazardous for pets to be around. When it comes to keeping our Onalaska pets safe during the holidays, you may need to take extra caution hanging up some common decor.

It may be surprising to learn that holiday ornaments cause thousands of vet visits each year. The problem with them is curious pets ingesting these ornaments. They can get lodged in their throat and choke them quite easily. Other typical decorations that can pose a threat to your pet's safety are tinsel and ribbons. These string-like objects can get tangled up inside your pet if they swallow them. The best thing you can do is keep these dangerous decorations out of their reach.

Prepare Them For People

Keeping our Onalaska pets safe during the holidays isn’t just a job for you — it’s a job for everyone visiting your house this holiday season. If you’re expecting guests, you need to prepare both them and your pets for the occasion.

A simple chat with your friends will suffice to let them know the boundaries and personality of your pet. Also, ask them to kindly be mindful of where they place their things and to not feed them any food from the table. It also helps to prepare a safe space for your pet to stay in if things get too hectic. 


Stick to Their Regular Diet

Many foods eaten during the holidays contain harmful ingredients for pets, so it’s best to stick with their regular diet. Many desserts contain chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and various nuts that are toxic for your pet to consume. Furthermore, cooked bones from the feast can break easily and cause internal bleeding if eaten. Avoid giving your pet any table scraps this holiday season.



We Can Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

Pet Me Scratch Me guarantees an experience that will leave your dog’s tail wagging all throughout. Whether you need a place for your pet to stay for a bit or just want a fun-filled trip for them, our facility and staff are more than capable of providing just that. Need a safe & fun place for your pet to stay during the holidays? Book your pet's boarding appointment now, before we book up.


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