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Signs Your Pet May Have Fleas


Fleas are annoying little creatures that can severely impact your dog’s quality of life if they’re dealt with immediately. There are over 2,500 types of fleas, and they typically come from other infested animals. Fleas reside in areas near long grass or bushes and can survive without blood for up to 3 months. When a host such as a cat or dog passes by, the fleas are able to easily latch onto the host and begin feeding. If you’re wondering how you can tell if your pet is affected by fleas, then look for the following signs:

  • Your pet is scratching or biting at their fur continuously. Fleas bite a pet’s skin and leave behind a residue that can be very irritating for a dog or a cat.  
  • You can see the fleas in your pet’s fur. Adult fleas are reddish-brown in color and very thin. Although they can be spotted easier in pets with shorter fur, if you notice any unusual specks of dirt or animals in your pet’s fur then chances are they are fleas. Keep in mind that for every adult flea that you see, there are likely upto 100 larvae or eggs lurking around in the fur. 
  • You notice little specks of dirt (often called flea dirt) that is left behind in your pet’s bedding. 
  • Your pet is leaving behind little white ovals in their bedding. These are flea eggs and will eventually hatch into larvae. 
  • Your pet’s skin looks irritated. With so much scratching, your pet may even begin to lose some of their fur. Fleas are extremely irritating for pets and they will do whatever they can to rid themselves of the fleas. 
  • Their gums begin to go pale. A large infestation of fleas can drain a younger pet of red blood cells and cause them to contract anemia.

The best way to avoid fleas is through prevention. For a pet that has yet to contract fleas, talk to your veterinarian about flea medication that they can take. For a pet that already has an infestation, then you will need to take more aggressive action. You can take a flea pill or other medication that will kill the fleas very quickly. Also be sure to wash all the pup’s sheets and any other clothing and bedding in hot soapy water to get rid of any remaining larvae, eggs, and adult fleas.  

Regular Grooming Can Detect Fleas. Visit Pet Me Scratch Me. 

One of the best ways to detect fleas and other skin irregularities early is by making sure your pet gets frequent grooming. Professionals will be able to see and detect fleas and any eggs while cleaning the pet’s fur. Early detection will allow you to take quick and immediate action to make sure the infestation doesn’t spread further and cause additional irritation to your pet. For professional grooms in the La Crosse area, visit Pet Me Scratch Me! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s grooming session. 

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