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The Proper Way to Walk Your Dog

Do you feel like walking your dog is a chore? It may turn out you and your pup are butting heads on priorities! As pet owners, both new and old, we all understand the importance of walking our dogs. We’ve all seen our pup’s ears perk, tails begin to wag, and eyes dazzle with excitement as we bring out the leash. But as owners, we must understand, a walk is more to a pup than just physical exercise. For a dog, a walk is a chance to engage with the local canine community. Continue below to learn the importance of walking your dog and how to make the walking experience more enjoyable for both of you. 


Don’t rush your dog’s bathroom breaks. When your pup urinates, he’s doing more than relieving himself, he’s sending his unique message to the dog world. A dog’s power of smell is at least 10,000 times greater than a human's. Through pee, dogs are able to learn all sorts of facts about their neighbors, including health, gender, and age. So when you next see your pup peeing on the local fire hydrant, let him finish his business, he wants the neighborhood to know how he’s doing! 


Tug-of-War, a game both dogs and owners know all too well. We all know our pups love to sniff, but sometimes we find ourselves nearly tripping when our pup’s caught a scent he’s determined to chase. To correct this behavior, owners will tug and try to redirect their dog back on course. This is not only ineffective but can harm your companion's neck and throat.  

Instead of yanking on the leash, try to implement a loose leash policy. According to the American Kennel Club, you should keep the leash in a “J” shape, and instead of fighting for control, change direction whenever your pup takes the lead. This will encourage your dog to turn and follow you, which is a great opportunity for treats and praise reinforcement.


Board Your Dog at Pet Me Scratch Me

At Pet Me Scratch Me, we’ll walk your dog and more at our luxurious boarding facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin. If you need a welcoming place for your companion to stay while you are out of town or on business, contact or visit us today, our compassionate and skilled staff would be beyond happy to accommodate and care for your dog’s needs.


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