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Top Tips To Keep your Dog Happy And Healthy in Onalaska

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, you must understand the best techniques to maintain him that way. Dogs that are well-cared for and behave appropriately will make your life more enjoyable as well. 


The health and behaviour of your dog are inextricably linked, and one has an impact on the other. A sick dog may show symptoms of disease or develop behavioural issues, whereas a healthy dog learns more quickly and displays positive body language.


Here’s how to keep your dog happy in Onalaska: 

1. Exercise your dog regularly 

Some breeds require more exercise than other breeds, which is why a thorough research on your dog’s breed is of utmost importance. It’s pertinent that your dog has at least one wall or run everyday, particularly in the evening. 


2. Feed your dog well 

Dogs, just like us, require a healthy diet and preferably a food routine. Avoid giving your dog regular snacks and try to keep their meal times constant (especially human food). When it comes to a daily diet for your dog, consult your veterinarian to verify that your dog is getting the right nutrients. The amount of food your dog requires is mostly determined by its size, breed, age, and exercise habits, and can also be determined by your veterinarian.


3. Don’t neglect grooming and checkups

Every dog requires a monthly trim. Learn more about your dog’s breed and groom them yourself or take them to a vet every few weeks. A well groomed dog not only looks good but also feels good. Besides, it’s essential to get a yearly vet checkup for your dog to check up for diseases and just to make sure that your dog is healthy. 


4. Keep a check on weight 

When a dog weighs 10% to 20% more than its ideal body weight, he is called overweight. Obesity is defined as being 20% overweight or more. Obesity can cut a dog's lifespan in half in just two years. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and urinary bladder stones are all more common in overweight dogs.


Treat Your Dog at Pet Me Scratch Me (Onalaska)

When you’re heading out of town and are unable to bring your canine companion along for the ride, we have you covered. Our safe and comfortable facility is equipped for dog boarding, and caring staff will make your pet feel right at home. At Pet Me Scratch Me,  also provide dog daycare services to keep your pup from pacing the floor in boredom while you’re at work or running errands.


Our staff is required to know all dogs by their first names, and they’ll build a personal relationship with you, too! We treat our guests and clients like members of our own family and provide compassionate care at every turn. Our guests give us two very enthusiastic paws up and always look forward to their next visit.

Call today to learn more.


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