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Why Does Your Pup Have Dandruff?

Have you ever seen those white flakes strewn across your dog's flank or face? Yes, that’s right, dogs can get dandruff too! Essentially, canine dandruff is due to a phenomenon in which your pup’s sebaceous glands produce too much sebum oil. 


Ordinarily, sebum is utilized by your dog’s body to keep their skin healthy and moist. When there is too much sebum oil being produced, your pup will develop dandruff, simple right?


Well, not quite so. Two types of dandruff can affect your pooch: dry and oily dandruff. Here are several common reasons why your pup’s sebaceous glands aren’t working properly:


  • Too Much Stress: Believe it or not, your dog’s stress levels can impact the amount of dandruff they have. 


  • Poor Diet: A lack of essential vitamins and nutrients can result in overall degradation of your dog’s coat and skin health.


  • Too Much Bathing: Yes, too much bathing can be a detriment to your dog’s coat. When you bathe your dog too much, your dog loses valuable oils used in maintaining coat and skin health. 


  • Fungal or Bacterial Infections: When a dog isn’t feeling their best, bacterial or fungal pathogens can take advantage of your dog’s low immune system response and wreak havoc on your pup’s skin. 


The bottom line: while most cases of dandruff are often benign, it pays to be vigilant about the health of your pup’s skin. Dandruff can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious. If you’re about the health of your dog, never hesitate to contact your local vet for a checkup!

Pet Me Scratch Me is Here to Keep Your Pup Clean and Comfortable 

At Pet Me Scratch Me, our team of compassionate and talented pet stylists offer a wide range of grooming services to accommodate any of your pet’s needs. We cover basics from baths to top-quality show ready breed-standard cuts. 

If you’re looking for a regular groomer to spoil and pamper your loved one, contact us today for more information or to schedule your first appointment today!


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